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Massage californien – Massage suédois – Relaxation coréenne

“Fais du bien à ton corps, pour que ton âme ait envie d’y rester.”

The massages proposed by Virginie Ato practitioner FFMBE, take the individual as a whole, to bring it to a physical and mental relaxation to lead the to let go. They are suitable for everyone and take into account the emotional character of the person. This practice has no therapeutic or medical purposes .

Respect , listening and humanism are at the center of her values.

Massage bien-être

Deep and enveloping massage providing a relaxing and physical relaxation and mental. durée 1H Tarif:75€

Massage bien-être long

Long massage , deepening the California gestures, using a variety of techniques ( passive mobilization , Korean relaxation , breathing, polarity ) helps letting go.durée 1H30 Tarif:112€

Massage duo bien-être

This massage is for couples wishing to share a relaxing time together.durée 1H Tarif:150€ 1H30 Tarif 210€ 

We recommend to book your massage in advance.


We also propose facials, body treatments, waxing, nail polish etc. with Capucine our partner qualified beautician